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Jeffrey A. Segal, President

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Success Stories

Rona's story
November 2004:
Weight 265 pounds
February 5, 2005:
Weight 235 pounds
April 22, 2005:
Weight 213 pounds

In October of 2004, Rona was not only fighting a battle with Multiple Sclerosis, but obesity as well. She decided it was time to stand up and fight back. Her first step was joining weight watchers. When 2005 arrived, she went a step further and hired the services of Balanced Personal Training. During her first session, she revealed her inability to get out of a chair without twisting and turning in all sorts of awkward ways. Her goals were more realistic than she would have imagined. She wanted to lose weight, maintain or build strength and improve function (ie: get up from a seated position). She continues to set realistic goals and achieve them as well. Not only can she get up from a seated position, but can do 25 chair stands while holding a 15 pound medicine ball in under 50 seconds. Her hard work, desire and motivation got her where she is today. She is a pleasure to train and a true success story!

Jeff's story
Weight 240 pounds
Weight 235 pounds

Weight 210 pounds
Maintaining a
weight of 180 pounds

Weight 185 pounds

In the year 2000, my health was on a downward spiral. Multiple Sclerosis was getting the better of me. Even with my foundation in Exercise Science and nutrition, I let myself slip more than I should have. I reached 240 pounds and did not even realize it.

I later made the decision to do something about my weight. I balanced my lifestyle, exercise regimen, diet, and my overall outlook on life. I tinkered with many different workout and training programs until I found how to tie them all together successfully. By the year 2002, I had reached every goal I had set for myself. Not only did I drop beneath 200 pounds (my first somewhat realistic goal), but I made it down to 170 pounds. I also wanted to dunk a basketball again. I dunked by the time I was down to 210 pounds. After achieving these goals I realized that my life had changed. There was not only hope for me, but for others I would soon be training and motivating in the years to come. I carry the first two pictures that you see above with me to my training sessions to remind people when they are tired and want to give up that it CAN be done, and that it takes motivation, positive thinking, and persistence to reach our goals.

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Ronnie's Testamonial

To whom it may concern,

I am a 60 year old woman who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 5 1/2 years ago. I met Jeff Segal at a lecture and was totally impressed with him and what he does.
Exercise was always a part of my life, but since I was diagnosed I had been unable to do much of anything. After Jeff's lecture on exercise, I was inspired and I got in touch with him and started a program that has lasted 1 1/2 years and is the best thing that I could have done. The fact that he has MS is a plus. He understands what I can and cannot do and pushes me to do as much as possible.
He is also very caring and helpful. I would recommend him to anyone as a personal trainer whether you have a disability or not. He has the credentials and understands all health issues.
My strength and gait have improved greatly as a result of training with Jeff and I look forward to my weekly workouts.
I have been told by friends and family that they see an improvement in my walking and ability to do many things.
I can't say enough about how great Jeff is!!!

Ronnie Goldstein

Ted's Testamonial

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