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Jeffrey A. Segal, President

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Success Stories

Ted's testamonial

One bright sunny morning you stroll into your bathroom "au naturel" and happened to catch a glimpse of yourself in the full length mirror. Oh, what a ghastly site it is, your stomach is hanging down to your knees and your waist is so large they can use your buttocks to advertise on. As if struck by lightening it finally sinks into your mind that you are totally overweight and whatever energy you once had must have moved on. So what does one due about this situation, ignore it, which is the easiest thing to do, or take control of their life and give Jeff Segal a call.

To be 100% truthful, as a birthday gift my wife called Jeff and set up an appointment for me which turned out to be the best thing that she has ever done for me. Upon my first visit with Jeff standing at the great height of 5'8",I weighed in at a mere 211 pounds which was at least 30 pounds more then I ever have been . Jeff took one look at me and immediately decided to change his profession!! Only kidding. (one does have to have a sense of humor about this). Jeff patiently started me on a regiment of exercise to help tone my body, loose weight and instill a feeling of well being back into me which I had not felt for years. He started patiently, slowly, not trying to turn to many years of neglect around in a few weeks or so. Over a period of approximately six months I lost more then 35 pounds and began to feel like myself again. With more energy I looked forward to meeting with Jeff to continue my weight loss and exercise routine. It took approximately ten months to reach my goal weight of 160 pounds or in excess of 50 pounds less then where we started.

I thank Jeff for his patience with me and all his diligent efforts that helped me reach this point. I will continue to meet with him as we move on to other types of exercise programs to fully tone up my body.

If someone is truly interested in taking care of themselves for a period of time, not a fad diet, I would strongly recommend that they give Jeff a call and watch him work his magic.

Ted Laing



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